Over 1,400 Lenders Available




E-Credit Express (ECE) is a Fully Patented, fully automated, online Lender Management Platform (LMP) that connects Dealers to over 1,300 Lenders instantly.


This turnkey Lender Management Platform takes the deal from application to completion in one Platform eliminating the need for additional and often costly steps to secure financing. ECE offers quick, easy, 24/7 decisions in five minutes or less.



ECE takes the guess work out of the latest CFPB, Federal and State regulations making certain all contracts are compliant. Contracts are documented and E-Vaulted electronically and provide real-time reporting.



ECE auto structures the deal by using a proprietary pre-screening process designed to save time, money and unnecessary steps that often costs thousands in processing. ECE analyzes debt to income ratios (DTI) prior to pulling credit.



ECE's team of experts will custom design the Platform to meet your individual Lending criteria.




U.S. Patent 8909551